Website life!

We are joyfully excited with the launch of our website, and wish it to help with our goal of making the University of Exeter a place where learning is created and nurtured through joy, engagement and play.

I invite you to engage with this website and our ongoing initiatives as much as you would like as long as it gives you joy and lots of play. Some current initiatives you could be involved with, tag along or lurk in the back ground include: Monthly club meetings, Game nights/mornings, creating content for the SuperBetter app, development & testing of (board) games, join the crew to organize the Festival of Compassion.



Next Playful University Game Night – Thursday 18th of February, 7:00pm

Next Playful University Game Morning – Wednesday 10th of February, 8:30am

Next Monthly Meeting – 24th February, 7:30pm 

Details about February’s Monthly Meeting will be revealed soon!

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