Playful Lab

This weekly session explores learning through the medium of play. It is an informal, in person, open group formed from the wider community, students, staff and children. We experiment with games, mindfulness, improv, storytelling and much more – all with a little magic and lots of fun!

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Upcoming Playful Labs

18th August at 17:30: Playmobil Pro at the Skydeck

Playmobil pro contains a range of neutral, expressionless figurines with accessories that allow participants to apply their own meaning. This customisation lets people attach roles (external or internal) to characters, and invites deeper engagement. At least that it the theory – we are going to explore and experiment with Playmobil Pro to find out whether it could be used as a toolset for……well you have to come and find out 😉

These weekly sessions will be held upstairs at the Skydeck in the Innovation Centre on Streatham Campus, Exeter from 17:30 every Thursday with pre-meeting chat & drinks & games in the foyer from 17:00. Car parking is free and open from 17:30, closest car parks are at the Innovation Centre and Car park D. (Map details: 25 4I on this map: