Monthly Meeting – July

We invite you to join us for our next Playful University Club Monthly Meeting,  on Wednesday 28th July at 7pm BST.

The session is titled “Lessons From Hamlet – To Be or Not To Be”. In this virtual workshop Roy will explore the five ways ‘To Be’ (or not to be) using the first line of Hamlet’s soliloquy as the provocation. The evening will be a combination of five short games followed by a short explanation of the underlying research why this particular way of being has value to ourselves, others and the world. Slides and free stuff will be provided for those wanting to put some of the techniques into practice straight away.

Roy Leighton is a polymath: actor, director, author, educator, artist, international speaker and adviser to schools, communities and businesses on values-based education and the management of change.

Always entertaining, challenging and thought-provoking, Roy remains a sought-after speaker for his work on change, growth, learning and relationships – and school’s role in all of them. At a time when we are all having to deal with change, growth and new learning, he helps us understand how best to approach all three – and do it with a smile on our face.

With a background in theatre as well as a track record of over two decades working in schools with educators and with young people themselves, Roy is also very much in demand in the world of business where his detailed and innovative approaches to personal development have a proven effect to the bottom line in a number of large multinational organisations.

These monthly meetings are open to everyone and will be informal meetings with invited speakers and guests with the aim to support a compassionate community using play.

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