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Kahoot – A friendly, engaging online game that allows players to compete in a quiz. A user can create a set of questions and choose various styles for it to be implemented such as True/False or MCQ with both options possibly being correct. The game includes a leaderboard and displays at the end of each question who is the lead with the most points. Points are awarded on accuracy of answers and the speed of response. Players can also be awarded with a streak if they consistently choose the correct answer in a row.

Kahoot can be a great tool to check the specific understanding of concepts as the quizmaster can provide multiple similar options for a particular question. It is also a fun way to quiz people on topics in a competitive yet light-hearted environment that enables them to be more engaged and involved in learning.

This game is already perfect for playing while on Zoom or Teams calls, with one person being the host or the quizmaster and the others participating in the game. In order to enter the game, players must enter a unique ID to the quiz which is displayed on the screen of the quizmaster along with the questions. It is useful for players in Zoom/Teams calls to play using their phones while paying attention to the questions on the screen.