Geistes Blitz (Ghost Blitz)

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Geistes Blitz (Ghost Blitz) – is a fast-paced card game where your aim is to recognise shapes and colours. Five wooden objects are placed on the table – a white ghost, a red chair, a green bottle, a blue book & a grey mouse. One player turns over a card with two of the objects on it.

  • If one item on the card is the same colour as its wooden counterpart, grab the wooden item. E.g. if you see a white ghost & a blue chair, grab the white ghost.
  • If neither item on the card matches the colour of the physical one, grab the item which is not represented in colour OR shape. E.g. if there’s a grey ghost & a blue chair, grab the green bottle. Quick thinking is essential!

Whoever grabs the correct item first takes the card. It can help to have a game leader who doesn’t participate but turns over the cards & keeps track of people’s scores, especially when playing over Zoom. Here, the game leader points their phone camera at the items & joins the Zoom call from their phone. Instead of grabbing the item, players shout it out, e.g. “green bottle!”.

We’ve found that this game wakes up our brains and gets us thinking, making it a perfect warm-up activity before workshops and lessons.